miércoles, 17 de abril de 2013


Marta FA today 18 of April at 17.00 h. Spain GMT in my Etsy shop. Marta is adopted, thank you so  much.

Marta is a custom OOAK Blythe doll. She i is an RBL Takara Blythe mold.
She has a beautiful and very soft dyed mohair scalp rerooted knot by knot by me with the most super fine mohair you can find.
Her face is sculpted, make up and sealed with MSC . I did for her 3 hand painted eye chips matching her color hair, and a special eye lashes.
She comes with this spring outfit, and a beautiful little boots. 
She has a Pure Neemo body as you can see in the pictures. You can tilt her head if you want.

She is so special to me...., and l hope she will make you smile.


3 comentarios:

  1. Mónica, admiro muchísimo tu trabajo, es todo dulce y hermoso, estoy enamorada de esta nena pero ahora no puede ser....... me conformaré con soñar con ella............

    1. Gracias de corazón! Es un honor que te guste mi trabajo. Ya sabes que estas muñecas a veces nunca dejan de viajar, van de unos a otros y nunca sabes si un día puede llegar a ti. Nunca hay que dejar de soñar!

  2. I just found you and your dolls. I hope I might be able to adopt a beautiful girl one day :-)